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Yesterday, I did make it to the fair. I did not see the Cabalgata in David. When I saw people protecting locations along the Cabalgata route at noon for an event that was to begin around 4:00 PM, I knew I was going to pass. Not to worry. Lee Zeltzer posted his experience in the Boquete Panama Guide.

We arrived at the fair about 3:00 PM and parked. Parking was $2:00 and entrance was 75 cents for jubilados.

This fair is an international fair and I think these flags represent who participates.

There a fair amount of photos to follow.

The fair always has a large amount of police. Even more at night I would bet.

One area I didn’t walk through was the ride area. I was close to the bumper cars and took one photo. I think this is used as the first part of drivers training in Panama.

I have never gone to the fair at night and really doubt that I ever will. I am not sure my ears could withstand all of the party spots that are spread around the park. Here is one of the sites waiting for the party to get started.

The music will be at an ear splitting level, the beer will be flowing freely, light feet will be covering the dance floor and possibly a few light fingers looking for easy money to lift from someone’s pocket.

One of the areas I always check out is the heavy machinery exhibits. Not much new here. Here are three I took a photo of.

I also try to take a look at the cars that are on exhibit. The first car was a specialty car.

I had posted that this car was to be driven by Jim ‘Jet” Neilson on March 27th in an attempt to break the world speed record. The web sites making the promotion are now down, so I have great doubts about the event happening, but who knows.

Here is the informational sign for the car. 44 feet long, 10 feet tall and using GE J-79 Phantom F-4 engine.

Here is the side view of the car. I can’t imagine this car being able to run on the InterAmerican Highway. It would hit high center and break apart.

Here is the back of the car showing the reason for the height being 10 feet.

The rest of the cars are more traditional. Here are two BMWs with prices so you can compare to the prices in your area. A fair discount is also shown.

Here is a Nissan sport car on display – no price.

Daihatsu and Toyotas.

A new Skoda Model – SUPERB.

The Mitsubishi exhibit.

Here is the new model Hyundai Tucson.

Good news for Grupo Q car owners. The dealership is coming back and will be opening close to the area where BlockBuster is. All of the cars from the fair will move to the new location.

It will also be carrying Mercedes Benz.

The last two exhibits were of Honda and Kia/Cherverlot.

These were the only Motorcycles, I remember seeing.

There are always several places selling furniture.

All of these wood products are from Honduras.

These hammocks were across the street.

We have been walking for a while. Lets duck into the indoor exhibits and cool off a little. It is also an opportunity to take some photos of some lovely Panamanian Ladies.

Here is Astrovisions exhibit.

This exhibit is for the Ministerio de Economica y Finanzas.

This is IFARHU’s exhibit. IFARHU provides student scholarships at both the National and International level.

I don’t know what was happening here, but I decided to take a photo of the cake cutting and the cake cutters.

This was the Mides booth.

Exiting the inside exhibits it is time to take another photo of Chiriqui’s train. Nothing new here.

I took a couple photos in the livestock barn.

Isn’t this a sweet looking animal?

When I lived on the farm, I remember hearing my dad talk about contented cows. I think this is the fella responsible for keeping the cows contented.

Here is a cow that got pretty contented and wound up with a calf.

I always stop by this Angus breeder. Judging by the ribbons, it looks like they did very well.

They keep water misting on the animals to cool them off. That explains the following photo’s spots.

Now lets tour the agriculture area. Pretty nice looking vegetables, don’t you think?

In the back area they were taking a survey of some meat they were cooking. Mine is being tooth picked in the right side of the photo. I gave it high marks for tenderness, juiciness, and flavor. I wouldn’t have minded taking a couple pounds home with me.

Here are a couple plots of lettuce on exhibit.

This fellow was giving a talk on the natural honey and there were live bees on the table in the honeycomb.

I always like this area because of the flowers that are for sale.

Here was a cactus display.

I only took two photos of the food and drink.This fella bust have been from Texas, because he was giving me the hookum horns sign.

This is the typical food treat at the fair.

I considered having one with a cold Panama at Jaime’s request, but decided it was time to just head for home.

That is my fair photos for this year. Nothing different from previous years, but still a lot of fun.

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